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Cool Beyond Zero

We are an Internet collaborative band who met in 2008 at the interactive musical collaboration site

Our material is hard to pigeonhole, although our preference is definitely to ROCK OUT BIG TIME when given half the chance!

We hope you like our site.

Meet The Band

Cool Beyond Zero were born via the internet musical collaborative site in 2008.

Todd Viera


Marc Traynor


Jay Schankman


Steve McAndrew


A Few Words About CBZ 

Cool Beyond Zero were born via the internet musical collaborative site in 2008. Marc (on the left) decided he wanted a settled group of musicians to work on his avalanche of songs he was writing.

He firstly approached Steve to deal with vocals, Todd on drums, Jay on keyboards and George (Williams) to cover guitar duties.

The band immediately set about recording Marc’s songs and such was Marc’s prolific output that an early casualty was George, who simply struggled to keep up and so left.
Steve then assumed the dual role of vocals and guitar and also started writing and contributing additional material for the band, as did Jay, as they continued recording apace!

Unfortunately, Marc’s pancreatic cancer returned and with huge sadness, he lost his brave fight on March 10th 2010. We continued with the album quest however and succeeded in our debut albums completion that we are very hopeful our dearly departed brother would have liked.

We hope we did you proud Marc and also very much hope you will enjoy and fully appreciate our

CBZ In Action

Rare video of our recent jam.

Some of our music for you.

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